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  Vintage trend that so fake ray bans many dying brand make the dead come back to life, those who have a classic design "recycled recycling, re launched" to win over the young people who are crazy for Vintage wind. Have you turned home your mother's closet, find out her young dress? I guess Simon Jablon is so dry, so he can in their own warehouse pulls out 2000 types of UK 70, 80 years antique sunglasses.
  Well, maybe you don't know who is Simon Jablon, but you probably know Linda Farrow, she founded the eponymous brand sunglasses at the age of 70, and is also the designer brands, mentioned over fake ray bans for sale their own warehouse Simon is her son. The sunglasses brand was a smash hit, but in 80, 90 years down, until the 2003 Simon from the warehouse out those massive antique sunglasses...... Maybe young talent know what young people want to think in Simon, these sunglasses are very fashionable, catch the next ride retro, let Simon to promote his mother brand embarked on the road to recovery, and earned a pours.
  Previously cheap fake ray bans introduced, began to talk of today's business. Linda Farrow every year to invite designers design, today you will be the Jeremy and Scott cooperative design is a series of saw. TV wear to the eyes? Only the designer can indulge in the wildest fantasy. Double shell and cellulose acetate frames, lenses with gray gradient -- here are okay -- but the frame of stainless steel antenna, as well as the frame with stainless steel "button" let a pair of glasses and offbeat hippie.
  And so on! Lady Gaga and the series fake ray bans wayfarer and have all kinds of connections with contact, she was in a MV with Jeremy design a pair of sunglasses series mickey. So, see this pair of sunglasses exceeding all expectations, you don't have exclaimed "OH, My God!", you can change the name: "OH, My Lady Gaga, hey!".
  Identification of quality sunglasses
  The eye itself has a strong light self protection function, wearing sunglasses is to reduce UV damage to the eyes, protect eye skin. Poor quality sunglasses because they do not have UV filtering function, it will make the eyes in the dark environment, natural pupil enlarged, the UV absorption is higher than not wearing any glasses! So, dear in the choice of sunglasses to carefully view the logo, anti UV Sunglasses labels should be marked on the UVA and the UVB logo, the logo of the product is not buy fake ray bans does not have UV protection.
  In addition, there is no direct relationship between anti UV Sunglasses color features its own, lens material and anti UV coating is the key to affect the capability of anti UV Sunglasses. But in order to eye comfort, often in bright light dear can choose dark sunglasses; and under normal circumstances, brown or gray neutral color Sunglasses brings comfort is the strongest, because they would not change the colors of objects.