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2015 Cheap Juventus Soccer Jerseys For Sale

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Pei Laige Rini also admitted that he was dissatisfied with the season juventus away jersey Yaya Toure's performance and said midfielder equally disappointed myself.

Toure, 31, became only the second midfielder scored 20 goals in the Premier League last term.

However, he only played eight times juventus home jersey this season, either in the form of struggle at the start of the campaign, and after returning from the African Nations Cup in February.

"I do not think he is happy, he's performance this year - and I is not," Pellegrini said at a news conference. "But we have to support him, he returned to his normal performance."

Toure was accused of "dereliction of duty" by former Manchester United captain juventus jerseys 2015 Gary Neville, his approach to defend in last week's 4-2 derby defeat to Manchester.

Pei Laige Rini, though, let Toure has ruled out a breakthrough, and that only in the city earlier this season has been accused of being too dependent on midfield.

He said: "Maybe, if we do not fight juventus jerseys for sale Yaya, his African Nations Cup, we will win all the games, and then he came back, we started to think maybe you lose Yaya need support, he is a very important player. He will have my support until the end of the season.

"He does not need to rest. For many reasons, he is not the same player he was last season, but he is still a very important player for our team.

"It's easy when you do not get to pick out the results of a player, but I remember in January, we are [only] a player, this is Yaya this time, we start with the bad results - it's just Because the team is Yaya.

"We have the only player that Yaya, without him, we can not win - I do not think it's true that he's part of the game play well, but in some places, he played well, he will continue to play .. "

Pei Laige Rini himself after six defeats in eight games under increasing pressure to run, but he declared his desire to stay at Docklands Stadium.

"I am very happy," he added. "This is one cheap juventus soccer jerseys of the world's most important club. I am very pleased with the fans, the boss, the players. I am satisfied with the results, especially this year, but I'm happy here."

After the contract expires Peilai Ge Rini, 2016 - the same Guardiola Bayern Munich - but he insists he is not worried that the city has not yet opened negotiations about an extended agreement, or continue the hype, he is a stopgap measure, until the Spaniard becomes available.

"All you can say what you want," he said. "It's not my problem."