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In 1999, Knight came back the following year he fired Clark,womens nike free 4.0 personally led the company's new business venture. He rebuilt the new management team, promoted twenty years of experience in the Nike Mark Parker and Charlie Denson, women nike free 4.0 Nike brand as joint CEO, recruit talent and from the outside, such as PepsiCo DonBlair, as Nike CFO; RalphLauren clothing Company MindyGrossman, responsible for the apparel business. While strengthening the supply chain and through acquisitions to add new brands, the company a new look, to double-digit growth again.

    However, the idea of ​​retirement has been lingering in his mind. 2001 nike free womens 4.0 Knight began commissioned headhunters for their selection of a successor from the outside. In fact it was Parker and Denson were in product design and market promotion exploits hehe, is recognized as the successor of two competing candidates for Knight, but Knight still want to use a more secure way to hand over the scepter. He opened rid Perez explained later, shows a brand of their own parent-child love, if the founder of the complex state of mind: "I was feeling the best Parker has an outsider to give him some inspiration new things, and also served as CEO But now it appears that this method is not feasible. "

    Select the succession issue became a pressing matter in May 2004, the eldest son of nike free 4.0 men Knight in charity work in Matthew (Matthew) died because diving accident, which nearly seventy years of age who is a Knight a heavy blow, Knight noted around them said: "It made him realize that the passage of time, life hangs in the balance." Knight looking for a successor to speed up the pace. In nike 4.0 September, he was again seen a face with February Peres met and hammered it as his successor.