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Since December 28, 2004, he appointed America Johnson (S.C.JohnsonSon CEO) before Peres succeeded himself as the Nike company CEO, two people will communicate in every Monday morning at 9.

The regular meeting in January 9, 2006, began to seem like,nike free trainer but Knight eyes under the sunglassesbut hides a unexploded bomb "". After discussing some general proposals, Peres Knight suddenly announced this year and the team failed to Nike fusion, and said it was time for him to go. Peres Mongol. Peres Mongolia, he was accepted in "business weekly" interview, said: "the knightcompletely let me be taken by surprise."

Peres said, he had to request a knight for some time to digest this accident, so just from nike free trainer mens Wisconsinmoved to Oregon family prepare for mutation. He also to request the board to give him a hearing,and agreed to talks in January 18th. However, by January 20th, the board of directors of thecompany to the largest shareholder of Knight's side, and appointed Nike Brand Co nike trainers men President Mark Parker (MarkParker) CEO Charlie Danson, another co president (CharlieDenson) served aspresident of Nike brand. Soon the news was Knight published in the media, he is in a conference call with the culture of poor run in is explained that the personnel changes.

This thing on the Nike company or Peres's occupation career, is nike free trainers undoubtedly a very bad text. This means that the knight added fresh blood for Nike management, thus reversing the management system of the company accused people Nike exclusive, closed failed.

Before this, Knight also has two selection and improper mistakes. The first is the spring of 1983, he had to travel long time China, the Nike to the old staff Bob Woodell (BobWoodell) management.However, a few months, jogging hot tide,trainers nike aerobic movement. Woodell ignored this trend, continue to focus on running and basketball. Industry rookie Reebok (Reebok) Nike turnover dropped 6%catch up from behind. The autumn of 1984, Knight returned to the company to regroup, Woodellleft the company. After Nike in under the leadership of the Jordan Knight successful mining endorsement, then.